Serial entrepreneur Nikki Eslami believes in putting purpose at the core of everything she does. Over the years, Nikki has evolved from a lawyer into a serial entrepreneur and philanthropist. As the founder of hair brand BELLAMI, she expanded the market for natural hair extensions, pioneering new ways to engage communities with influencer marketing before it was a developed industry. The unique challenges she faced as an underrepresented female founder led Nikki to create New Theory Ventures, a venture fund dedicated to investing in female entrepreneurs building purpose-driven businesses. As investor and member of the Mental Health Council for RARE BEAUTY with Selena Gomez, Nikki’s interest in incubating and accelerating brands with a social purpose continued to grow, as did her focus on conscious consumerism and the opportunity to play a more proactive role in promoting sustainability & conservation. Nikki’s latest paradigm shift, WILD ELEMENTS, a brand dedicated to restoring the symbiosis between humanity and the natural world. At WILD ELEMENTS, we are one ecosystem in business for the common good; connecting business, storytelling and philanthropy together for positive change & maximum impact.



Geoff Luck is an Emmy award-nominated producer and director who's been the showrunner for ten television series and executive producer for over a hundred programs in science and conservation. His work as a director has been featured on Netflix, Disney+, PBS and many other outlets, and honored at the United Nations and The Museum of Modern Art.  He holds degrees in film from Harvard and the San Francisco Art Institute and has taught at Harvard, MIT, Boston University, The New School, and the Savannah College of Art & Design.



Whitney Beer-Kerr is an Emmy and Lovie award-winning producer who specializes in science and conservation storytelling. Beyond documentary films, she has over a decade of experience crafting strategic digital content for nonprofit, government, academic, and corporate clients. Whitney has worked in a variety of styles and formats, including animation, 360, VR/AR, celebrity-hosted, gaming, and interactive media. She has a Master of Science degree from Johns Hopkins University in environmental science and behavior change communications. Her work has been featured on NatGeo, PBS, Smithsonian Channel, Hulu, CuriosityStream, Upworthy, Xbox, and other platforms.



Abri’s experience and passion lies in supporting businesses, programs, and individuals that are committed to amplifying gender and racial equality and transforming culture through storytelling and social ventures. Abri is currently an associate at New Theory Ventures, incubating female-founded companies with a social mission. Abri formerly worked for Gloria Steinem as her assistant and ran corporate partnerships for Soapbox Inc., an agency supporting feminist artists and educators. She received her B.A. from The George Washington University where she studied international affairs, French, and socio-cultural anthropology.